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C-Mount for Olympus


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A "C-Mount" has a 1" diameter male thread for camera attachment.

Connecting through a C-Mount on a Trinocular head is the most convenient method of attachment. If you have a trinocular head but you do not have a 1x C-Mount we carry a selection of common C-Mounts below to fit most microscopes.

C-Mount for Olympus

Olympus Upright Microscopes
AX Provis Series
BX Series
BX2 Series 
CX Series
CX2 Series
MX Series
IX Series w/Trinoc Head
IX51, IX71, IX81 
IX2 Series
GX51, GX71

(All w/ U-SPT Phototube removed)
BX U-DBT Double Port (Back Port)

Olympus Stereo Microscopes
SZX9, SZX12 
SZX Series (w/ U-SPT Phototube removed)

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